Healing Garden World

By Carolyn Agosta
Copyright 2004, 2011

Daily Clearing of Your Chakras

Cleared energy is healed energy. And with the new energies that are now on the planet, it’s a good idea to bring your chakras into the new energy! Clearing your chakras prepares you for the day, releasing struggles from the previous day. It’s like wiping your slate clean and starting all over again. You feel refreshed and revitalized following this technique. Fill yourself and feel yourself being filled with love and light. If you haven’t already done so begin by reading my article on Chakras.

How to Clear your Chakras

Go to a place in your home that is quiet, where you can be alone – undisturbed for 10 minutes. Sit in a comfortable position either in a chair or on the floor. Close your eyes and take several slow deep breaths. Feel the fresh clean air filling your entire being, restoring you and rejuvenating you.

Begin by connecting with your dantien (sometimes spelled tantien or dan tien). This is the point just below your navel and deep within you. Dantien is the body's center of gravity and the center of chi or life force energy. You can learn more about this through qi gong and tai chi classes. (For more information read What is Dantien?.)

Connect deep within you at the dantien. From there connect out. Bring golden light to your crown, completely filling your crown to overflowing. As you visualize this golden light, make the statement about your crown (see below for the words at each chakra): "May I be filled with the Divine." As the crown overflows with the golden light, it pours down to your third eye as you make statement about your third eye: "May I be filled with the wisdom of my soul." Slowly continue this thru all of your chakras.

As you say these messages to yourself and your Be-ing, feel the words and their meaning in the particular chakra. (Chakra blessing from gia combs ramirez.)

The fact is that each of us is responsible for our own healing, for our own health and well-being. We can choose to give the responsibility to others – medical doctors, alternative medicine practitioners, therapists – or we can work with our own Be-ing, understanding ourselves and how we function; ultimately guiding ourselves to healing. The more we work with our own Energy Body, the more we bring ourselves into balance, the better we feel, and happiness grows from the inside out..

--- November, 2004
--- Revised and updated November, 2011